The Ultimate Guide to Car Insurance in Puerto Rico (Updated 2021)

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Puerto Rico requires every vehicle owner to carry liability insurance in order to operate a vehicle on its public roads. As such, it behooves any current or future car owner to be somewhat familiarized with the laws and practices regarding car insurance in Puerto Rico, as they can be somewhat different than those on the mainland. If you are a new resident of the …

Galveston Texas

Cheap Car Insurance in TX

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Texas is the second state with the most cars in the United States and the highest speed limits in any jurisdiction, so any driver must have strong auto insurance coverage to protect themselves from any mishap. In this article, we will give you recommendations on how you can obtain the cheapest insurance for your car while also maintaining adequate protection. …

Arizona Road

Cheap Car Insurance AZ

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In this article we will discuss the cheapest car insurance companies in the state of Arizona (AZ), the different ways you can quote an auto insurance policy and what things are particular to the state. Arizona is the sixth state with the largest Hispanic population in the United States and more and more insurance companies are increasing their product offerings …

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Insurance in California

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We set out to research how much a car insurance policy for a Tesla Model 3 costs in the state of California, and have gathered our findings here to help you understand which insurance carriers you should consider for your new car. In other jurisdictions, it is very difficult and expensive to insure any Tesla model, and we wanted to …

Top Differences in Insurance between Puerto Rico and the United States mainland

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The market for insurance in Puerto Rico has several marked differences than that of all states in the USA. There are also some similarities, which you can read about HERE, but it is invaluable that you become familiar with the main differences, as the entire process for buying insurance is different and could have implications in your moving decisions, such …