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In this article we will discuss the cheapest car insurance companies in the state of Arizona (AZ), the different ways you can quote an auto insurance policy and what things are particular to the state. Arizona is the sixth state with the largest Hispanic population in the United States and more and more insurance companies are increasing their product offerings in Spanish to serve this community. By the end of reading this article, you will have a good understanding of the market and you will know how to obtain the cheapest auto insurance for your situation.

What is the cheapest auto insurance in Arizona?

Like all states in the nation, Arizona has minimum insurance coverage requirements that every driver must have before driving a vehicle. It is important to recognize that this minimum coverage is a requirement even if you do not have your own car but drive another person’s car. In the vast majority of these cases, the car owner’s insurance will cover you while you are driving it, but you should still make sure of this and confirm coverage with the owner before driving without having your own insurance. The minimum public liability or liability coverage requirements in Arizona are:

  • Bodily injury limits: $ 15,000 per person and no more than $ 30,000 per accident 
  • Property damage limit: No more than $ 10,000 per accident

It is worth noting that the minimum coverage in Arizona is less than half the minimum coverage in Texas and is among the states with the lowest minimums in the entire country. Having such low minimum coverage is usually not a good thing as it means that there are many drivers on the road who could potentially not pay the full damages if they cause a large accident. 

One positive thing about these low minimum coverages is that they allow Arizona to have very low insurance premiums for drivers who can’t pay much. The cheapest auto insurance for a driver with a good driving record can be as low as $ 330 a year or $ 28 a month for minimum coverage with Geico. For a driver with accidents or some fault on their driver’s record, we have noticed that American Family usually has the lowest premiums.

As in other states, the minimum coverage only covers your civil liability and will not cover damages to your property or your person if you cause an accident. Look carefully at the limits required by the state – a property limit of $ 10,000 per accident is very low and it is very easy to exceed this limit even in a minor accident. This is why we recommend that unless your finances are tight and you have no other choice, we recommend that you opt for additional coverage that far exceed the minimum requirements.

What are the Arizona auto insurance companies? 

In the last decade of 2010-2020, the population of Arizona increased dramatically and today it is the fourteenth state in terms of population of the United States with over 7 million inhabitants. 

Arizona has over 32 insurance companies that offer their products in the state. We have compiled representative data from Arizona auto insurance companies to give you an idea of ​​what premiums they offer:

CompanyPremium Average AnnualPremium Average Monthly
Ameriprise Group$ 927$ 77
State Farm$ 1,443$ 120
Progressive$ 1,574$ 131
Geico$ 1,387$ 116
Allstate$ 2,731$ 228
Farmers$ 2,477$ 206
Safeco$ 1,780$ 148
USAA$ 1,309$ 109

The premiums listed in the table are average premiums and you may receive very different quotes depending on your particular situation. The state of Arizona publishes a very useful hypothetical premium report and we recommend that you review it and find which of the hypothetical situations applies to you the most. As an example, let’s say you are an 18-year-old single driver who commutes 30 miles daily to commute to work. In this situation, the cheapest insurance is offered by Main Street American Protection Insurance Company for almost every city in the state.

What aspects of auto insurance are unique to the state of Arizona?

Auto insurance is generally very similar in every state, but there are certain aspects of Texas that are a bit unique and have an impact on the state’s insurance industry. Here are the main factors:

  • Arizona has long roads and there are many areas in the state where virtually no one lives. You can drive for miles and miles without bumping into even a gas station. Imagine having a mechanical malfunction in the middle of the desert – it can’t be a very pleasant experience. Given these geographic conditions of the state, it is important to choose the roadside assistance coverage when you obtain your auto insurance quote.
  • Arizona is a state with “at-fault” insurance laws. Generally, states with these insurance laws have cheaper auto insurance premiums than states with what are known as no-fault or no-fault laws. States like Arizona require that the party found guilty in an accident be responsible for paying the damages. In other states, the driver can sue his or her company even if he or she was not at fault for the accident, increasing the risk for the insurance company of having to pay out a claim.

Where should I quote auto insurance?

There are many ways to quote auto insurance in today’s market, but we always recommend that you start by comparing various options online. We recommend that you use a page like NerdWallet to easily see various options.