About Us

Who We Are

Dynamic Insurance Solutions is a boutique insurance broker with a history of over 100 years in the insurance space in Puerto Rico. We help clients obtain the right protection for their businesses and personal property at the best price, by having access to all the top insurance carriers in Puerto Rico. Given our extensive history and knowledge in the market, we will often know from just a conversation with a client, which carrier would offer a product that is more suited to their needs. In some instances, this can even mean having multiple policies with different carriers for different purposes, and we are happy to do this whenever that is the best solution for the customer.

Our client retention rate is over 90%, which speaks to the quality of our offering and service that we provide.

Our Story

Ramon Arias was a Spanish immigrant who arrived to Puerto Rico in 1912. A musician and composer by training, happenstance brought him to be involved in the nascent local insurance business.

Jaime Arias then continued the legacy, growing the business to serve top tier commercial clients, and establishing a brand in the space.

Jaime Arias Lopez, the third generation, proceeded to take the business and focused on serving clients with a differentiated level of service. During this time, our company became the undisputed choice for any local pharmacy looking to solve their insurance needs.

Currently, our company is in its fourth generation with Jaime Arias Ortiz and Ricardo Arias Ortiz leading the company. Both have extensive international experience in competitive markets, and they bring that edge to the modernization and service standard of the company.

Meet the Leadership Team

Dynamic Insurance Solutions Team

Jaime Arias Ortiz


Jaime Arias Ortiz represents the fourth generation of Dynamic Insurance, and is driving the modernization of the platform, focusing on growth through improving the customer experience and educating consumers. Arias Ortiz holds a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Puerto Rico in Mayagüez, and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Ricardo Arias Ortiz


Ricardo Arias Ortiz runs the daily operations of Dynamic Insurance, and has a keen dedication for excelling at customer service. Having native fluency in Spanish, English, Portuguese and Japanese, Ricardo is well atuned to cultural differences and has brought those elements to our customer centric operation.

Jaime Arias Lopez

Senior Insurance Expert and Adviser

Jaime Arias Lopez is the outgoing CEO of Dynamic Insurance, and has over 50 years of experience in the Puerto Rican insurance market. Arias Lopez is renowned for having deep expertise in commercial policies, and for having an excellent track record in his clients receiving their claims covered following Hurricane Maria.