AirBnb and Short Term Rental Insurance in Puerto Rico

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If you have a property in Puerto Rico that generates income from short term rental, then you are operating a commercial venture, and as a result need to get the corresponding commercial insurance to adequately protect yourself. Short term rental is a special kind of risk that insurance companies evaluate separately from long term rental, and several insurance companies in …

Buying Business Insurance Online in the United States

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Commercial insurance, sometimes also called business insurance, is insurance meant to protect a business owner from losses occurring from some unforeseen event. Every business is unique and has different risk profiles, and as a result, commercial insurance tends to be highly bespoke and customized for each business’ needs. In this manner, the relationship between the business owner and the insurance …

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Commercial Insurance in Puerto Rico

dynamicinsuranceBusiness Interruption, Commercial Property Insurance

Puerto Rico is the largest and most sophisticated insurance market in Latin America, according to the annual report published by MAPFRE on the insurance industry throughout the continent. Being an established and mature industry on the island since the early 20th century, there are today a variety of products to cover almost every type of risk imaginable for small, medium …


Business Interruption Insurance and Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the US and Puerto Rico

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The COVID-19 coronavirus has caused an unprecedented halt to the global economy, and many small and medium businesses in the United States and abroad are facing serious economic strain. This article will examine whether existing business interruption coverage will reimburse owners for lost revenue during this pandemic, whether there is additional coverage they should consider purchasing going forward, and whether …